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Tired of taking updates in reporting ways? IoT can help you with real-time resource visibility and predictive and prescriptive insights. Now you can improve efficiency and streamline operations with in-hand data. What better way to grow your business than having real-time, data-driven, actionable insights? Be it quick decisions or being future-ready, neither is expensive; rather take action now.

We Can Help You If You Want To…

  • Speed up operations at your company with streamlined processes.
  • Adapt to a proactive approach to how your business moves forward.
  • Reduce costs and minimize wastage by real-time analysis of inventory.
  • Keep an eye on crucial equipment remotely or from far off

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to meet the requirements of our customers.


to minimize downtime and ensure minimal disruption to our customers' operations.


to achieve shared goals.

Continuous Learning

to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and industry best practices.


to be aligned with the same vision for all our customers


We work with the same vision for all our customers with or without them being in constant contact with us.




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Talented and experienced workforce is our key asset for customer growth.

One size doesn't fit all. So we provide customized IoT services.

You're the boss! We make sure your needs are met at every step.

We're all about precision and accuracy. Our focus is to get the most out of IoT for your business.

With us, you don't have to break the bank on IoT services.

We've been there, done that, and have successful projects to prove it.

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“Augmented has the best resources to take on any job. They are professional, deliver the projects on time and always meet their commitments. We have engaged in a long term business relationship.”

Ruchir Shukla

Head of Business Development

“We thank Augmented for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time.”

Priyanka Rawal


“Love to work with Augmented team with a fair pricing and very valuable developers for complex use case. Actually we worked on a really big module based application and every work is awesome done.”

Urvish Patel

IT Director Head


IoT is a physical device network that provides inputs with sensors, software, and other technologies. The purpose of this network is to receive and deliver data over the Internet for time-efficient operation.

The four types of IoT are Consumer IoT, Commercial IoT, Industrial IoT, Commercial IoT, and Infrastructure IoT.

Due to its functionality of providing real-time insights, it helps inventory management to reduce costs and automate processes. It is mainly used because it is cheaper when compared to human labor.

The six layers of IoT are IoT Devices, Edge Computing, Connectivity & Data Transport, IoT Platforms, and Data Management IoT Applications.

At Augmented Systems , we build web, mobile and desktop IoT applications. We provide native and cross-platform applications and integrate them with AI/ML for making future-ready IoT applications.

We provide a dedicated team for all our clients. Our team of leaders makes sure that each team is working efficiently and doing its best for our customers' interests.

The cost of IoT applications will depend on multiple aspects. They are features you need, platforms you want to put the app in, technologies and deadlines. Send us your IoT application requirements details and get a quote from us.