Power Your QuickBooks/Xero Experience with Excel Integration

Simplify your accounting processes and effortlessly manage, update, and analyze your financial data with accuracy and efficiency.


Features of ADL Sync

One-Click Data Import and Export

One-Click Data Import and Export

  • Effortlessly import and export data between QuickBooks/Xero and Excel with a single click.
  • Save time and eliminate the need for manual data entry or tedious copy-pasting.
One-Click Data Import and Export

Modify and Delete Records in Seconds

  • Make quick modifications or deletions to your QuickBooks/Xero records directly from your Excel workbook.
  • Experience enhanced control and flexibility without switching between applications.
Super-Easy Data Backups

Super-Easy Data Backups

  • Safeguard your valuable QuickBooks/Xero data with ADL Sync's seamless backup feature.
  • Create secure backups of your data in Excel, ensuring peace of mind and easy recovery.
Manage Multiple QuickBooks/Xero Accounts

Manage Multiple QuickBooks/Xero Accounts

  • Handle multiple QuickBooks/Xero accounts simultaneously, all from within your Excel workbook.
  • Simplify your workflow and streamline your accounting processes effortlessly
Unlimited Users<

Unlimited Users

  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team by providing unlimited user access to ADL Sync.
  • Enable multiple users to work on the same QuickBooks/Xero data in real-time, boosting productivity.
No Additional Mapping

No Additional Mapping

  • Say goodbye to the hassle of manual mapping between QuickBooks/Xero and Excel.
  • ADL Sync eliminates the need for complex mapping configurations, saving you time and effort.


Benefits of ADL Sync

Product Feaures
Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity:

Accomplish tasks faster and with greater accuracy

Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates:

Get live updates to your QuickBooks/Xero accounts directly from your Excel.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings:

No need to subscribe to any web application or download additional tools. Save money on additional software expenses.

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface:

A familiar and intuitive interface for effortless navigation and ease of use.

Streamlined Collaboration

Streamlined Collaboration:

Seamless collaboration among team members.

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